Sunday info for June 6

Sunday at ESBC . . .

  • Sunday School. Join us Sunday morning at 9 as we continue on with our group of Essentials Classes. Need to Know (led by Pastor Steve), Missions: Unfinished (led by Jude Souza & Chad Miller), Starting Point (led by Pastor Nate), and Loving People (led by Rodney Tarter). More information about the classes can be found here
  • If He’s Worthy… One of the most important life lessons everyone must learn is that our choices have consequences. And short-sighted choices result in undesirable consequences. Last week we asked the question “Is He Worthy?” from Malachi 1 and concluded “He is.” Join us this Sunday as we pick up where we left off (Malachi 2:1-9) and consider the consequences of offering unworthy worship to the Lord with a message titled If He’s Worthy…  (sermon notes) We are streaming our services LIVE via YouTube. You can access our channel hereWe will also post the link a few minutes before the service begins to our public Facebook page – East Side Baptist Church.
  • Starting this Sunday, June 6 at 6pm…Summer Sunday Nights
    • Dig and Discover Bible Study for everyone – led by Pastor Steve. Learn to get more out of the Bible by joining us as we dig into the sermon text for the next week.
      – Teen and kids ministries will be available as well.

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