Andy and Lindsey Messmer
ABWE in Madrid, Spain
Jude and Bree Souza
ABWE in São Paulo, Brazil
Nathan and Rebekah Mason
Baptist Children’s Home and Family Ministries in Elkhart, IN
Lloyd and Athena Peace
ABWE in Amazonas, Brazil
Tom and Beth Peace
ABWE, Retired from active service
Kay Lamb
Baptist Mid-Missions and Campus Bible Fellowship, Retired from active service
Bill and Mary K. Grimes
Baptist Mid-Missions, Retired from active service 
Dr. Nell Collins
Hope in Crisis, Ministry to Cancer Patients
Nick and Krista Rachevsky
ABWE in Lisbon, Portugal
Nate and Karol Watkins
Baptist Mid-Missions, in New York City
Alan and Tara Mayhak
ABWE, in Australia
Robert and Jody Frye
European Baptist Fellowship in Romania
Barry and Ellen Farlow
Baptist Mid-Missions in Curitiba, Brazil
Ken and Sharon Davis
Project Jerusalem in the Northeast.
Seth and Darla Curtis
Faith Global Ministries
The Crossroads Fellowship
Executive Director: Doug Schroeder
General Association of Regular Baptist Churches (GARBC)
National Representative: Mike Hess
Shepherds Ministries & College
Twin Lakes Camp
Director: Jon Beight
Association of Baptists for World Evangelism
President, Paul Davis
Baptist Children’s Home and Family Ministries, Inc
President, Jim Geurink
Hope in Crisis
Baptist Mid-Missions
European Baptist Fellowship
Project Jerusalem
Faith Global Ministries