Sunday info for August 29

Sunday at ESBC . . .

  • Sunday School. Missionaries Alan and Tara Mayhak will be with us on Sunday morning to update us on their ministry! Be sure to join us to learn and to encourage Alan and Tara.
  • The God We Need. How do you respond when you’ve blown it? When you have failed? When you have sinned again? What is God’s response to us in these times? We will dive into these questions on Sunday morning at 10am as we work through Exodus 34:1-10 in our mini-series, The Love of God(sermon notes) We are streaming our services LIVE via YouTube. You can access our channel here
  • On Sunday evenings at 6, we have bible studies for both the men and women, kids classes for Pre-K through 5th grade and youth group for 6th-12th grade. Something for everyone!

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