Sunday info for August 22

Sunday at ESBC . . .

  • Sunday School. What does it mean to be woke? What is social justice? What do people mean by systemic racism? Where did all the gender and sex confusion come from? Why is there so much hostility surrounding these issues? How do we respond to all this? These are questions we will address in an Essentials class called “Understanding Our Times”. Pastor Steve will be teaching in the chapel at 9am.
  • Rest for Your Soul. Are you weary? Carrying a load that is heavy and weighing you down? Jesus invites us to come to Him and find rest for your soul. This will be our focus on Sunday morning as we study the love of God from Matthew 11:25-30. (sermon notes) We are streaming our services LIVE via YouTube. You can access our channel here
  • Sunday evening ministries will kick back off this Sunday at 6pm. There will be bible studies for both the men and women, youth group for 6th-12th grade, and kids classes for Pre-K through 5th grade. Something for everyone!

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