April 5 Links

Sunday at ESBC . . .

  • Interactive Online Sunday School. At 9:00 on Sunday morning, Pastor Steve will help us learn to study our Bibles better as he walks us through 1 Peter 1:10-21. This class will meet on Zoom — here is the link you will need Sunday morning  Join our Cloud HD Video Meeting now
  • The Darkest Hour. Darkness covered the land as Jesus hung on the cross. On Sunday morning, we will study Mark 15:33-41 to better understand what happened during the last hours of Jesus’ life and what His work means for us. The Sunday morning service will be on our public Facebook page – East Side Baptist Church.  You can view Pastor Steve’s sermon notes here. The bulletin can be viewed here
  • Relational Wisdom. On Sunday night at 7, we will continue our Relational Wisdom study. The topic is emotions; God’s design for them, how they hijack us, and how the gospel can reshape our responses to them. This will be hosted on Zoom – here is the link you will need Sunday evening Join our Cloud HD Video Meeting now

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