Pioneer Clubs

Our Pioneer Clubs are jam-packed with fun and age appropriate Bible lessons and activities. We meet on Wednesday nights from 6:30 – 8:00pm during the school year. First night is Wednesday, August 15!

     ○ 6-6:30pm – sign in & registration by the sliding glass doors
     ○ 6:15-6:30pm – optional opening program
     ○ 6:30-7:55pm – Bible lessons, games & life skills, handbook time, and snacks.
     ○ 7:55-8:00pm – Closing program in auditorium. Parents welcome.
Classes & age groups
     ○ Skippers (2-3yrs)
     ○ Scooters (4-K)
     ○ Hikers (grades 1-2)
     ○ Adventurers (grades 3-4)
     ○ Navigators (grades 5-6)
(7th-12th grade)
Registration (Online registration is OPEN)
To register your child online, click the link: Online Registration
To register more than 3 children, please use our Pioneer Clubs Registration Form. You may drop it off at the church office, or bring
it with you the first night of club.